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Potassium dichromate: Quiz


Question 1: When dissolved in an approximately 35% ________ solution it is called Schwerter's solution and is used to test for the presence of various metals, notably for determination of silver purity.
Sulfuric acidHydrofluoric acidAmmoniaNitric acid

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Potassium dichromate (IUPAC)
Potassium 2-hydroxy-2-oxoacetate
Potassium chromate
Potassium tetrachloridoplatinate
Potassium dichromate

Question 3: Like other ________ compounds (chromium trioxide, sodium dichromate), potassium dichromate may be used to prepare "chromic acid", which can be used for cleaning glassware and etching materials.
Lung cancerHexavalent chromiumHydrogen peroxideChromate and dichromate

Question 4: As with all ________ compounds, it is potentially harmful to health and must be handled and disposed of appropriately.
Lung cancerChromate and dichromateHexavalent chromiumChromium trioxide

Question 5:
What is Potassium dichromate also known as?
uranyl ammonium carbonate
Terbium Disilicide
Potassium bichromate

Question 6: As with other CrVI compounds, potassium dichromate is ________ and should be handled with gloves and appropriate health and safety protection.

Question 7: This quality is used in photographic ________.
Inkjet printerScreen-printingTextileSilk

Question 8: This converts the ________ metal to silver sulfate, a compound that is insensitive to light.

Question 9: When alcohol vapor makes contact with the yellow dichromate-coated crystals, the ________ changes from yellow to green.
ColorPurplePrimary colorColor vision

Question 10: Potassium dichromate has important uses in ________ and in photographic screen printing, where it is used as an oxidizing agent together with a strong mineral acid.
HolographyCameraDigital photographyPhotography

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