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Posttraumatic stress disorder: Quiz


Question 1: ________ ("Inderal") has demonstrated possibilities in reducing hyperarousal symptoms, including sleep disturbances.
Monoamine oxidase inhibitorMirtazapineAmitriptylinePropranolol

Question 2: SSRIs (________).
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorMirtazapineSertralineTricyclic antidepressant

Question 3: In 490 BCE he described, during the ________, an Athenian soldier who suffered no injury from war but became permanently blind after witnessing the death of a fellow soldier.
Battle of MarathonGreco-Persian WarsFirst Persian invasion of GreeceSecond Persian invasion of Greece

Question 4: ________ (EMDR) is specifically targeted as a treatment for PTSD.
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessingPosttraumatic stress disorderAnxiety disorderCognitive behavioral therapy

Question 5: Individuals diagnosed with PTSD respond more strongly to a dexamethasone suppression test than individuals diagnosed with ________.
Mood disorderBipolar disorderSchizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 6: [1] Possible sources of trauma include experiencing or witnessing childhood or adult physical, emotional or ________.
Sexual harassmentSexual abuseRapeSexual assault

Question 7: PTSD is believed to be caused by either ________ or psychological trauma, or more frequently a combination of both.
Certified first responderPhysical traumaEmergency medical servicesShock (circulatory)

Question 8: The ________ estimates that 830,000 Vietnam War veterans suffered symptoms of PTSD.
United States Department of Homeland SecurityUnited States Department of DefenseUnited States Department of Veterans AffairsUnited States Department of War

Question 9: Emerging factor analytic research[5] suggests that PTSD symptoms are best described as falling into four clusters, not the three currently described in the ________.
SchizophreniaClassification of mental disordersDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersBipolar disorder

Question 10: In addition, most people with PTSD also show a low secretion of ________ and high secretion of catecholamines in urine, with a norepinephrine/cortisol ratio consequently higher than comparable non-diagnosed individuals.

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