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Question 1: sulfation, the addition of a sulfate group to a ________.

Question 2: citrullination, or deimination the conversion of ________ to citrulline
LysineGlutamic acidArginineCysteine

Question 3: PTM of histones as regulation of transcription: ________
TelomeraseRNA polymerase IIGlucokinaseRNA polymerase II holoenzyme

Question 4: ________ moiety may be covalently attached
HemeAdenosine triphosphateMetalloproteinCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 5: SUMOylation, the covalent linkage to the ________ (Small Ubiquitin-related MOdifier)[9]
SUMO proteinADP-ribosylationMethylationAmino acid

Question 6: (also see ________ acetylation)[4][5]
Histone H4ChromatinHistoneHistone H3

Question 7: ________, the addition of a glycosyl group to either asparagine, hydroxylysine, serine, or threonine, resulting in a glycoprotein.
Protein biosynthesisUbiquitinGlycosylationAmino acid

Question 8: biotinylation, acylation of conserved ________ residues with a biotin appendage

Question 9: ________ or derivatives thereof may be covalently attached
AdenineAdenosine monophosphateAdenosine triphosphateNucleotide

Question 10: Post-translational modification of proteins are detected by mass spectrometry or ________.
Eastern blottingProtein purificationWestern blotSDS-PAGE


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