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Postmillennialism: Quiz


Question 1: Articles by ________ promoting a postmillennial, partial preterist eschatology
Covenant theologyPartial preterismKenneth GentryChristian eschatology

Question 2: This minority school, promoted by ________ and supported by exegetical work of H.A.W.
Clifton R. BreckinridgeRobert Jefferson BreckinridgeB. B. WarfieldJohn C. Breckinridge

Question 3: In the United States, the most prominent and organized forms of postmillennialism are based on ________ and hold to a reconstructionist form of postmillennialism advanced by Gary North, Kenneth Gentry, and Greg Bahnsen.
Christian ReconstructionismTheonomyCalvinismDominionism

Question 4: The Beast of Revelation: Identified a DVD presentation and several articles by ________ and others presenting a preterist view of Revelation 13
Kenneth GentryCovenant theologyChristian eschatologyPartial preterism

Question 5: The majority of postmillennialists do not believe in an ________, and like B.
Abrahamic religionsReligious conversionApostasyIslam

Question 6: The term subsumes several similar views of the end times, and it stands in contrast to premillennialism and, to a lesser extent, amillennialism (see ________).
Covenant theologyChristian eschatological differencesChristian eschatologyArmageddon

Question 7: This belief that good will gradually triumph over evil has led proponents of postmillennialism to label themselves "optimillennialists" in contrast to "pessimillennial" premillennialists and ________.
Covenant theologyAmillennialismSecond ComingPremillennialism

Question 8: Postmillennialism also teaches that the forces of Satan will gradually be defeated by the expansion of the Kingdom of God throughout history up until the second coming of ________.
ChristGospelNew TestamentJesus

Question 9: Many postmillennialists also adopt some form of ________, which holds that many of the end times prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled.
Christian eschatologyPreterismSecond ComingPartial preterism

Question 10: Several key postmillennialists, however, did not adopt ________ with respect to the Book of Revelation, among them Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield, Francis Nigel Lee, and Rousas John Rushdoony.
Partial preterismChristian eschatologyPreterismSecond Coming

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