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Posterior Analytics: Quiz


Question 1: Mure, G. R. G. (translator) (2007), written at The ________, Posterior Analytics, eBooks @ Adelaide, <>.
Australian National UniversityRMIT UniversityUniversity of AdelaideUniversity of South Australia

Question 2: The demonstration is distinguished as a ________ productive of scientific knowledge, while the definition marked as the statement of a thing's nature, ... a statement of the meaning of the name, or of an equivalent nominal formula.
Propositional calculusSyllogismLogicAmbiguity

Question 3: The first figure of the syllogism (see ________ for an outline of syllogistic theory) is best adapted to demonstration, because it affords conclusions universally affirmative.
ScholasticismAristotleTerm logicAlfred North Whitehead

Question 4: In the "________", syllogistic logic is considered in its formal aspect; in the Posterior it is considered in respect of its matter.
Prior AnalyticsSyllogismOrganonAristotle

Question 5: Scholastic logicians translated this into ________ as "quiddity" (quidditas).
Vulgar LatinLatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 6: The great work is closed as: ________ as a whole is...originative source to the whole body of fact.
PseudoscienceSocial sciencesScienceScientific method

Question 7: The Posterior Analytics is a text from ________'s Organon that deals with demonstration, definition, and scientific knowledge.
AristotleBertrand RussellEmpiricismPlato

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