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Postal code: Quiz


Question 1: In Canada the amount of mail sent to Santa Claus increased every ________, up to the point that Canada Post decided to start an official Santa Claus letter-response program in 1983.
WassailingYule logChristmasYule

Question 2: ________: PCRN 1ZZ, ISO code: PN
NiuePitcairn IslandsCook IslandsTuvalu

Question 3: Andorra, Ecuador, Latvia, Moldova, Slovenia use the ________ as prefix in their postal codes.
ISO 3166-1 numericISO 3166-1 alpha-2ISO 3166-1 alpha-3ISO 3166-2

Question 4: Postal codes were first introduced in the ________ in December 1932,[3] but the system was abandoned in 1939.
East GermanyJoseph StalinSoviet UnionRussia

Question 5: The first digit of the ________ defines an area including several states.
AtlantaWashington, D.C.ZIP codeDenver

Question 6: ________: FIQQ 1ZZ, ISO code: FK
Falkland IslandsBermudaAnguillaCayman Islands

Question 7: Note, that the former has two ________ country codes, and the British Antarctic Territory has none, so the number of ISO codes is seven.
ISO 3166-1 alpha-3ISO 3166-2ISO 3166-1 numericISO 3166-1 alpha-2

Question 8: ________: BBND 1ZZ, ISO code: IO
MayotteSaint HelenaTristan da CunhaBritish Indian Ocean Territory

Question 9: ________: TKCA 1ZZ, ISO code: TC
Turks and Caicos IslandsAnguillaBritish Virgin IslandsCayman Islands

Question 10: The UK post designed the ________ mostly for efficient distribution.
Postcodes in the United KingdomEdinburghCardiffBelfast

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