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Post Tribulation Rapture: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Christian apologist and Post-Tribulationist)
Justin MartyrEucharistic theologies contrastedIrenaeusJerome

Question 2: ________, The City of God, Chapter 23.
Augustine of HippoThomas AquinasBlaise PascalAnselm of Canterbury

Question 3: (See ________ for additional information about the origins and development of Pre-Tribulation Rapture theology.)
DispensationalismChristian eschatological differencesPremillennialismSecond Coming

Question 4: ________ (speaks of Jesus gathering the elect after the Tribulation)
VulgateDidacheCatholic ChurchSaint Stephen

Question 5: Internal consistency and the Bible and ________
Biblical apocryphaNew TestamentBiblical canonBiblical inerrancy

Question 6: ________: concept that many Bible verses contain prophecies.
Old TestamentNew TestamentBible prophecyBiblical canon

Question 7: ________ 4:15-17 (Resurrection of the righteous dead in connection with the Rapture)
New TestamentEpistle to the RomansSecond Epistle to the ThessaloniansFirst Epistle to the Thessalonians

Question 8: ________: extensive and critical interpretation of a text, especially of a holy scripture.

Question 9: ________ (20th Century American Apologist, Minister, Author, and Founder of Christian Research Institute)
Walter Ralston MartinHank HanegraaffChristian countercult movementQuestions on Doctrine

Question 10: This is usually understood as being in line with historic ________.
PremillennialismSecond ComingCovenant theologyAntichrist


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