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Post-invasion Iraq, 2003–present: Quiz


Question 1: On 2 September 2006, the ________ was formally handed over to Iraq's government.
Charles GranerAbu Ghraib torture and prisoner abusePost-invasion Iraq, 2003–presentBaghdad Central Prison

Question 2: ________ (Al-Jaish Al-Islami fil-Iraq)
Al-Qaeda in IraqIslamismIslamic Army in IraqIraq War

Question 3: He said he had been tracked to the same area north of Baghdad where US forces killed Al-Qaeda's leader ________ in June 2006.
Islamic terrorismIraqi insurgencyAbu Musab al-ZarqawiIraq War

Question 4:

Question 5: Suwayrah: Four bodies were recovered from the ________ River.

Question 6: In ________, Polish and Bulgarian forces were able to hold their own after a battle lasting the whole night.
Shia IslamKarbalaImam Husayn ShrineNajaf

Question 7: Americans are Losing the Victory in Europe, and Grim Europe Faces Winter of Misery ________ 7 January 1946
Life (magazine)Sports IllustratedGolf MagazineTime (magazine)

Question 8: General ________ in April 2004 requested an additional 10,000 troops be sent to Iraq after admitting that a number of Iraqi security personnel had abandoned their posts or joined the Iraqi insurgency.
John AbizaidUnited States ArmyNorman Schwarzkopf, Jr.David Petraeus

Question 9: A US general says on 28 August 2006 violence has fallen in ________ by nearly a half since July, although he acknowledged a spike in bombings in the past 48 hours.

Question 10: The violent insurgency began shortly after the ________ and increased during the occupation.
2003 invasion of IraqRefugees of IraqPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–presentIraqi insurgency

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