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Posset: Quiz


Question 1: The earliest surviving recipe, from 1300-1325, is simply a list of ingredients: wine, wheat ________, raisins, and sugar to "abate the strength of the wine".

Question 2: It is on display at Hatfield House in ________ and consists of a large, stemmed, covered bowl, two open, stemmed vessels, a covered container, three spoons, and two forks.
ScotlandUnited KingdomEnglandWales

Question 3: In a description of hazing at ________ in 1647, caudle is described as a "syrupy gruel with spices and wine or ale added".
Oriel College, OxfordMerton College, OxfordChrist Church, OxfordMerton College Chapel

Question 4: The ________ cites the use of the word to 1297.
Oxford English DictionaryJames Murray (lexicographer)DictionaryUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Sometimes confused with ________, the family of milk punches have a dramatically different taste.
Ponche cremaAdvocaatRompopeEggnog

Question 6: A caudle is a hot drink, popular in the ________ for its supposed medicinal properties.
Early Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 7: A posset (also spelled poshote, poshotte) was a later development (the ________ cites the word to the 15th century).
United KingdomOxford English DictionaryDictionaryJames Murray (lexicographer)

Question 8: ________ was heated to a boil, then mixed with wine or ale, which curdled it, and the mixture was usually spiced.


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