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Possessive adjective: Quiz


Question 1: Therefore, possessive determiners function as a determiner and as such are not used with most other determiners including articles such as the or demonstratives such as that, which are usually required in English and other ________ before a noun.
Romanian languageLanguages of EuropeSpanish languageGerman language

Question 2: However, the ________ form (usually most or -est in English) is usually not used, for example This is most my team is not encountered.

Question 3: Possessive determiners/adjectives have features of both determiners and ________:
AdverbNounPreposition and postpositionAdjective

Question 4: Possessive adjectives commonly have similar forms to ________.
Article (grammar)Gender-specific pronounPersonal pronounImpersonal verb

Question 5: In most ________ (such as Spanish, French, and Italian) the gender of the possessive adjective agrees with the thing(s) owned, not with the owner.
Franco-Proven├žal languageRomanian languageRomance languagesPortuguese language

Question 6: Some ________, such as English and Dutch, use different pronouns depending on the owner.
Germanic languagesNorth Germanic languagesWest Germanic languagesOld Norse

Question 7: Like articles, possessive determiners may be used with ________, as in My three children are married or Three of my children are married, or indefinite quantifiers, as in Some of my children are married.
Natural numberCardinal numberOrdinal numberGeorg Cantor

Question 8: Like other adjectives, possessive adjectives may be modified with an ________, though this is uncommon.
DemonstrativeInfinitiveArticle (grammar)Adverb

Question 9: Possessive adjectives, also known as possessive determiners,[1] are a part of speech that modifies a ________ by attributing possession (or other sense of belonging) to someone or something.
GerundNounArticle (grammar)Preposition and postposition

Question 10: Other Germanic languages, such as German and several ________ including Limburgish and Brabantian, have features of both systems.
GroningsDutch languageDutch dialectsDutch Low Saxon

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