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Question 1: At the turn of the 20th century the first wave of German sociologists, including Max Weber and ________, rejected the stricter elements of the doctrine, presenting antipositivist sociology.
PositivismGeorg SimmelCritical theoryAntipositivism

Question 2: ________ had long since drawn upon critical analysis rather than empiricism, a tradition which would continue in the development of critical theory.
MarxismKarl MarxJeremy BenthamSocialism

Question 3: The idea of progress was central to Comte's new science, ________.
Talcott ParsonsSociologySystems theorySocial structure

Question 4: ________
Social philosophy
Political philosophy
David HumeArthur SchopenhauerApplied aestheticsAesthetics

Question 5: For close associate ________, it was possible to distinguish between a "good Comte" (the author of the Course in Positive Philosophy) and a "bad Comte" (the author of the secular-religious system).
PlatoImmanuel KantJohn Stuart MillJeremy Bentham

Question 6: The unity of the ________ – i.e., the logic of inquiry is the same across all sciences (social and natural).
PseudoscienceSocial sciencesRelationship between religion and scienceScientific method

Question 7: Observing the circular dependence of theory and observation in science, and classifying the sciences in this way, Comte may be regarded as the first ________ in the modern sense of the term.
PseudosciencePhilosophy of scienceRelationship between religion and scienceScientific method

Question 8: Having discovered the laws of social structure, Durkheim posited that sociology would be able to determine whether any given society is 'healthy' or 'pathological', and seek social reform to negate organic breakdown or "social ________".
PositivismAnomieÉmile DurkheimCritical theory

Question 9: ________ and other critical theorists criticized positivism on two grounds.
Jürgen HabermasTheodor W. AdornoMax HorkheimerFrankfurt School

Question 10: Positivism is an ________ perspective and philosophy of science which holds that the only authentic knowledge is that which is based on sense experience and positive verification.

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