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Question 1: As early as 1920 the Nazis proclaimed in their ________ that the Party favored freedom of religion as long as that did not corrupt German morals or threaten the existence of the state, and that,
Nazi PartyNational Socialist ProgramNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 2: They wanted to replace this with a "positive" emphasis on Christ as an active preacher, organizer and fighter who opposed the institutionalized ________ of his day.

Question 3: It fights the spirit of Jewish ________ inside and outside ourselves."[2]

Question 4: Positive Christianity grew out of the ________ of the nineteenth century, with its emphasis on the distinction between the historical Jesus, and the divine Jesus of theology.
Biblical canonBibleNew TestamentHigher criticism

Question 5: In the writings of such anti-Semites as Emile Burnouf, Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Paul de Lagarde, Jesus was redefined as an "________" hero who struggled against Judaism.
AryanMiscegenationIranian peoplesAryan race

Question 6: While many such scholars sought to place Jesus in the context of ancient Judaism, some writers reconstructed a historical Jesus who corresponded to ________ ideology.
AntisemitismRacial antisemitismJewsThe Holocaust

Question 7: ________ distanced himself from Rosenberg's more radical ideas, wishing to retain the support of the conservative Christian electorate and social elite, but he emphasized the desirability of Positive Christianity.
Nazi GermanyNazi PartyAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffel

Question 8: After some initial setbacks, the Nazis' candidate Ludwig Müller was elected the first Reichsbischof of the new Reichskirche (so-called ________) in September 1933.
Confessing ChurchProtestant Reich ChurchLutheranismPrussian Union (Evangelical Christian Church)

Question 9: It continues to be espoused by some ________ groups,[5] but has been rejected by mainstream Christian churches.
Ten Lost TribesIsraelitesChristian IdentityEnd time

Question 10: Positive Christianity (German: Positives Christentum) is a term adopted by Nazi leaders to refer to a model of ________ consistent with Nazism.
Christian denominationChristianityBaptistEcumenism

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