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Portuguese literature: Quiz


Question 1: Though the cultivated taste of the ________ affected to despise the medieval stories, it adopted them with alterations as a homage to classical antiquity.
RenaissanceItalian RenaissanceBaroqueWestern art history

Question 2: ________ (1888 - 1935) was a Portuguese poet.
Fernando PessoaBaruch SpinozaSamuel Taylor ColeridgePortugal

Question 3: Quental produced finely wrought, pessimistic sonnets inspired by neo-Buddhistic and German agnostic ideas, while Braga, a ________, compiled an epic of humanity, the "Visão dos Tempos".

Question 4: The poetry of the austere Herculano has a religious or patriotic motive and is reminiscent of ________.
Bourbon RestorationHugues Felicité Robert de LamennaisJacques-Bénigne BossuetFrench Revolution

Question 5: Gomes Leal is merely anti-Christian with touches of ________.
Charles BaudelaireFrench poetryVictor HugoThéophile Gautier

Question 6: The ________ was developed gradually from the Vulgar language (i.e.
Spanish languageFrench languageItalian languagePortuguese language

Question 7: The early nineteenth century witnessed a literary reformation which was begun by ________ who had become acquainted with the English and French Romanticism in exile and based his work on the national traditions.
Almeida GarrettVictor HugoPortugalAlexandre Herculano

Question 8: These poems were composed in a language called ________ (or Galego-Portuguese), the common ancestor of modern Galician and Portuguese.
Catalan languagePortuguese languageSpanish languageGalician-Portuguese

Question 9: Though ________ did not originate dramatic representations, he is the father of the Portuguese stage.
PortugalRenaissanceGil VicentePoetry

Question 10: Three names appear in the "Cancioneiro" which were destined to create a literary revolution, those of Bernardim Ribeiro, ________, and Sá de Miranda.
PoetryGil VicentePortugalRenaissance


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