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  • the website got its name when the founder misspelled his original portmanteau of machine and cinema and liked the new version better?

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Question 1: There is a tradition of ________ and neologisms are frequently created from pre-existing words.
Icelandic vocabularyIcelandic literatureLinguistic purism in IcelandicIcelandic language

Question 2: Subsequent to the ________, it became popular to attach the suffix "-gate" to other words to describe contemporary scandals, e.g.
Watergate scandalCheckers speechPat NixonRichard Nixon

Question 3: [1][2][3] In ________ fields, a portmanteau is defined as a blend of two or more function words.

Question 4: Many ________ are examples of blends, but many blends have become part of the lexicon.
NeologismEuphemismAcronym and initialismNonce word

Question 5: "Wikipedia" is an example of a portmanteau word because it combines the word "wiki" with the word "________."
DictionaryEncyclopediaEncyclopædia BritannicaNatural History (Pliny)

Question 6: Likewise, the suffix "________" or "-holic," taken from the word "alcoholism" or "alcoholic," can be added to a noun, creating a word that describes an addiction to that noun.
Benzodiazepine dependenceSocial anxiety disorderAddictionDrug addiction

Question 7: "Jeoportmanteau!" is a recurring category on the American television quiz show ________.
Alex TrebekJeopardy! broadcast historyMerv GriffinJeopardy!

Question 8: In 1964, the newly independent African republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar chose the portmanteau word ________ as its name.

Question 9: ________ used the portmanteau technique to name many of his characters, most notably "Scrooge" which results from the combination of "screw" and "gouge."[citation needed]
Little DorritCharles DickensA Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol (1984 film)

Question 10: For example, a spork is an eating utensil that is a combination of a spoon and ________.
Fast foodEuropeForkCutlery

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