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Portage County UFO chase: Quiz


Question 1: (Clark, 459) Dustman was later quoted in a ________ story, stating that he rejected the Air Force assessment: "I go along with my men.
United Press InternationalInchon (film)Unification ChurchThe Washington Times

Question 2: Two ________ police officers, (Lonny Johnson and Ray Esterly) had overheard the radio traffic, and suspected that, given its direction of travel, the UFO might pass over Salem.
Washingtonville, OhioSalem, OhioEast Liverpool, OhioColumbiana, Ohio

Question 3: Two weeks passed with no reply, and a frustrated Stanton then went to ________ himself to speak with Air Force Lt.
United States Military AcademyUnited States Marine CorpsThe PentagonUnited States Navy

Question 4: The three officers crossed over into ________, near Rochester.
PennsylvaniaNew JerseyNorth CarolinaConnecticut

Question 5: Thelma James of ________ claimed to have seen an unusual aerial object.
Hubbard, OhioMasury, OhioNewton Falls, OhioLordstown, Ohio

Question 6: William Weitzel of ________ began his investigation after hearing an early morning radio report the day of the chase.
Donald KeyhoeNational Investigations Committee On Aerial PhenomenaJ. Allen HynekUfology

Question 7: (quoted in Clark, 459) Stanton would eventually write to Secretary of Defense ________ to complain about Blue Book's handling of the case.
George MarshallLyndon B. JohnsonJohn F. KennedyRobert McNamara

Question 8: Spaur agreed, but then telephoned Weitzel, asking him to come to the meeting with a ________: suspicious of Quintanilla, Spaur wanted an accurate record of the conversation so that he could not be misquoted.
Sound recording and reproductionCompact CassetteReel-to-reel audio tape recordingTape recorder

Question 9: He quotes William Wietzel, a philosophy instructor and ________ investigator who speculates that there might have been two similar UFOs in the area (in Close Encounters, four UFOs are depicted in the chase).
National Investigations Committee On Aerial PhenomenaDonald KeyhoeJ. Allen HynekUfology

Question 10: After interviewing one of the police witnesses, ________ (the official UFO investigative arm of the U.S.
Robertson PanelUnidentified flying objectUfologyProject Blue Book


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