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Question 1: The porosity of a rock, or sedimentary layer, is an important consideration when attempting to evaluate the potential volume of water or ________ it may contain.

Question 2: sandstone, shale, ________ or limestone) potentially have more complex "dual" porosities, as compared with alluvial sediment.
FelsicIgneous rockGraniteBasalt

Question 3: See also ________.
Characterisation of pore space in soilPorosityBulk densityHydraulic conductivity

Question 4: The term is used in multiple fields including pharmaceutics, ________, metallurgy, materials, manufacturing, earth sciences and construction.
Ceramic materialsCeramic engineeringSolidCeramic

Question 5: Porosity is a measure of the void spaces in a material, and is a fraction of the volume of voids over the total volume, between 0–1, or as a ________ between 0–100%.
Parts-per notationPer milPercent signPercentage


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