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Poros: Quiz


Question 1: Poros was the site of the first naval base in modern Greece, established in 1827 during the ________.
Battle of NavarinoGreek War of IndependenceBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceOttoman Greece

Question 2: Visible marine ________ are mainly found in the limestone, no occurrences of precious stones or ore deposits are known.
Geologic time scalePaleontologyFossilGeology

Question 3: ________, including the Saronic
AthensDodecaneseEuboeaList of municipalities and communities of Greece by prefecture

Question 4: Ancient historians claimed that Poros was home to an Amphictyony in the Archaic period, a league of the poleis Poros, Athens, Prassiai, ________, Epidaurus, Hermione, Troizene, Nauplion and Orchomenus.
PsyttaleiaHydra islandSalamis IslandAegina

Question 5: The Archaeological Museum at Korizis Square houses findings from the Sanctuary of ________, from ancient Troizene, and from other archaeological sites nearby.
ApolloPoseidonAthenaGreek mythology

Question 6: The site is still used today by the ________ as a training centre for naval personnel.
Hydra class frigateElli class frigateHellenic NavyGreece

Question 7: The geology of the island comprises ________ to Cenozoic sedimentary rocks (limestone, and Flysch-type sandstone) and ophiolites, as well as Neogene volcanic rocks on Sferia.
Geologic time scaleCretaceousMesozoicDinosaur

Question 8: There are karstic sinkholes in the island's central limestone massif, and limestone ________ with stalactites.
CaveCavingShow caveKarst topography

Question 9: 231), at the easternmost point of the ________ Peninsula, between the island of Poros and the island of Hydra and next to the municipalities of Troizina and Ermioni.

Question 10: During the Ottoman occupation Poros remained independent, and helped neighbouring islands after the start of the ________.
Greek War of IndependenceBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceBattle of NavarinoOttoman Greece

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