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Populism: Quiz


Question 1: In England, John Wesley's Methodism split with the ________ because of its emphasis on the salvation of the masses as a key to moral reform, which Wesley saw as the answer to the social problems of the day.
CatholicismAnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)Anglican Communion

Question 2: ________ — a neoliberal conservative ideology both opposed to socialist types of populism and itself populist
Conservative Party (UK)ThatcherismConservative Way ForwardMargaret Thatcher

Question 3: The same conditions contributed to the outbreak of the English Revolution of 1642–1651, also known as the ________.
EnglandEnglish Civil WarEnglish ReformationEnglish people

Question 4: ________ — a partially related political philosophy

Question 5: , and the Share Our Wealth movement of ________ in 1933–35.
Murphy J. FosterHuey LongWilliam C. C. ClaiborneAlexandre Mouton

Question 6: Populism rose during the Reformation; Protestant groups like the ________ formed ideas about ideal theocratic societies, in which peasants would be able to read the Bible themselves.
AnabaptistChristianityChristian denominationEarly Christianity

Question 7: The ensuing religious revival eventually blended into political populism and ________, becoming at times a single entity and a powerful force of public will for change.
Left-wing nationalismFascismNationalismAnti-nationalism

Question 8: Intellectuals who romanticize hard-working farmers and peasants and build radical ________ movements like the Russian narodniki.
Organic farmingSustainable agricultureIntensive farmingAgriculture

Question 9: While leaders of populist movements in recent decades have claimed to be on either the left or the right of the ________, many populists claim to be neither "left wing," "centrist" nor "right wing."[18][19][20]
Right-wing politicsLiberalismLeft–right politicsPolitical spectrum

Question 10: The American Moderation Party, also formed in 2005, adopted several populist ideals, chief among them working against multinational ________.
CorporatismFascism and ideologyBenito MussoliniFascism


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