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Question 1: This is consistent with the ________ which suggests that a bottleneck of the human population occurred c.
Human evolutionToba catastrophe theoryHomoHomo floresiensis

Question 2: A classic example of a population bottleneck is that of the ________, whose population fell to about 30 in the 1890s although it now numbers in the hundreds of thousands.
Northern Elephant SealRed FoxCoyoteHarbor Seal

Question 3:
When was the Population bottleneck?
November 2009
December 2009

Question 4: Another example are ________, which are so closely related to each other that skin grafts from one cheetah to another do not provoke immune responses, thus suggesting an extreme population bottleneck in the past.
CheetahSpotted HyenaLionGolden Jackal

Question 5: That likely happened as the last Ice Age came to an end, and the ________ receded into the sea.
Last Glacial MaximumGeologic time scaleBeringiaPacific Ocean

Question 6: ________, also called European bison, faced extinction in the early 20th century.

Question 7: dogs and cats: ________, Persian) because breeders are limiting the gene pools of the animals for their looks and behaviors by breeding with close relatives.
PugShih TzuCavalier King Charles SpanielPomeranian (dog)

Question 8: According to a paper published in 2002, the genome of the ________ shows evidence of a severe bottleneck that took place about 43,000 years ago.
TigerRaccoonGiant PandaLion

Question 9: As a population becomes smaller, ________ plays a bigger role in speciation.
Natural selectionEvolutionGenetic driftPopulation genetics

Question 10: Population bottlenecks increase ________, as the rate of drift is inversely proportional to the population size.
EvolutionNatural selectionGenetic driftPopulation genetics


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