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Question 1: The largest area of expenditure in many countries is now ________, whose cost is likely to increase dramatically as the population ages.
TorturePropertyHuman rightsHealth care

Question 2: ________ study (2007) - Serving the Aging Citizen
Intel CorporationBoeingPricewaterhouseCoopersDeloitte

Question 3: Population ageing arises from two (possibly related) demographic effects: increasing longevity and declining ________.
FertilitySexual intercoursePregnancyMasturbation

Question 4: ________ and Europe are the two regions where a significant number of countries face severe population ageing in the near future.
SingaporeMiddle EastContinentAsia

Question 5: This would present governments with hard choices between higher ________, including a possible reweighing of tax from earnings to consumption, and a reduced government role in providing health care.
Tax havenTaxIncome taxExcise

Question 6: This is usually reflected in an increase in the population's mean and ________, a decline in the proportion of the population composed of children, and a rise in the proportion of the population that is elderly.
OverpopulationFamily planningWorld populationPopulation pyramid

Question 7: The ________, a conservative think tank, has suggested that immigration cannot be used a viable means of countering population ageing.
David A. DodgeCanadaC. D. Howe InstituteOntario

Question 8: Depending on the age ranges at which the changes occur, an ageing population may thus result in lower ________ and the economic benefits of lower inflation.
Central bankInterest rateMoney supplyDebt

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