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Question 1: An example was ________ under Nicolae Ceau┼čescu in 1966 banning access to contraception and abortion on demand.

Question 2: CICRED homepage a platform for interaction between research centres and international organizations, such as the United Nations Population Division, UNFPA, WHO and ________.
AzerbaijanUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationCyprus

Question 3: Statistical study of human populations occurs within the discipline of ________.

Question 4: Human population control is the practice of curtailing population increase, usually by reducing the ________.
Birth controlFamily planningAbortionBirth rate

Question 5: In ________, a population is the collection of inter-breeding organisms of a particular species; in sociology, a collection of human beings.

Question 6: However, the population of some countries, such as ________ and China is not even known to the nearest million[2], so there is a considerable margin of error in such estimates.
KenyaSudanNigeriaSierra Leone

Question 7: As of 18 March 2010, the world population is estimated by the ________ to be 6.809 billion.
New EnglandMidwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesUnited States Census Bureau

Question 8: The ________ designated 12 October 1999 as the approximate day on which world population reached 6 billion.
United Nations Population FundUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization

Question 9: Population growth increased significantly as the ________ gathered pace from 1700 onwards[4].
William RadcliffeIndustrial RevolutionTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionThomas Highs

Question 10: According to papers published by the ________, the world population hit 6.5 billion (6,500,000,000) on 24 February 2006.
Midwestern United StatesUnited States Census BureauNew EnglandSouthern United States

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