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Question 1: This has been viewed as a suggestion of popular sovereignty - especially at a time when 'the ________' was widely accepted, though the reality was that it would have been nobles rather than the people at large who would have done any choosing.
Divine right of kingsMagna CartaMonarchyAbsolute monarchy

Question 2: territories should be able to decide by voting whether or not ________ would be allowed in the territory.
RacismSlaveryUniversal suffrageAntisemitism

Question 3: Popular sovereignty is thus a basic tenet of most ________.
DemocracyGottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianismJohn Locke

Question 4: [1] It is often contrasted with the concept of ________.
EnglandUnited KingdomParliamentary sovereigntyScotland

Question 5: It is closely associated with the social contract philosophers, among whom are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and ________.
David HumeJean-Jacques RousseauGottfried LeibnizImmanuel Kant

Question 6: A parallel development of a theory of popular sovereignty can be found among the ________ (see e.g.
School of SalamancaThomas AquinasSumma TheologicaThomism

Question 7: The central tenet is that legitimacy of rule or of ________ is based on the consent of the governed.
XeerShariaScots lawLaw

Question 8: This concept was associated with such politicians as ________ and Stephen A. Douglas.
John C. CalhounLewis CassMartin Van BurenWilliam R. King

Question 9: ________ and popular monarchies are theoretically based on popular sovereignty.
Constitutional monarchyRepublicDemocracyMonarchy

Question 10: In the decades before the ________, the term "popular sovereignty" was often used to suggest that residents of U.S.
United StatesBleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarTennessee

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