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Question 1: In the late 19th century during the US, the centre of the music publishing industry was in New York's ‘________’ district.
Tin Pan AlleyAmerican popular musicJohnny MercerIrving Berlin

Question 2: Form in popular music is most often sectional, the most common sections being verse, chorus or ________, and bridge.
RefrainConclusion (music)Song structure (popular music)Poetry

Question 3: [6] By the early 1900s, the big trends in popular music were the increasing popularity of vaudeville theaters and dance halls and the new invention—the ________.
Audio formatPhonograph cylinderGramophone recordPhonograph

Question 4: Other common forms include thirty-two-bar form, verse-chorus form, and the ________.
Andalusian cadenceTwelve-bar bluesCadence (music)Chord progression

Question 5: During the 19th century, more regular people began getting involved in music by participating in amateur choirs or joining ________.
Brass bandConcert bandBrass instrumentBrass band (British style)

Question 6: "The most significant feature of the emergent popular music industry of the late 18th and early 19th centuries was the extent of its focus on the commodity form of ________" [6].
Chord chartSheet musicMusical notationChoir

Question 7: From the Depression through the end of the war, ________ was the highest-selling recording artist in the United States.
David NivenAl JolsonBing CrosbyJames Cagney

Question 8: ________
Janet JacksonList of best-selling music artistsHonorific nicknames in popular musicMadonna (entertainer)

Question 9: One of the technological innovations that helped to spread popular music around the turn of the century was ________; these allowed people to hear the new popular piano tunes.
Player pianoDigital pianoPiano rollMechanical organ

Question 10: Thus, for instance, ________ music continues to have a following, but it is probably a rather older group, on average, than the audience for rap[citation needed].
JazzSwing musicBebopBig band

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