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Question 1: Poppyseed oil had long been used as a carrier for ________ agents to treat tumors.
EmbolismFat embolismAir embolismCardiovascular disease

Question 2: Poppyseed oil was sometimes added to olive and almond oils (see ________).
FoodAlcoholic beverageChinese protein adulterationAdulterant

Question 3: [1] It is more stable than safflower oil and ________.
Dietary fiberFish oilHerbalismLinseed oil

Question 4: Poppyseed oil is used for painting for at least 1500 years—one of the oldest known oil paintings, found in caves of ________ and dated to 650 AD, was likely drawn using poppyseed oil.
Central Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 5: [11] The origin of this use is attributed to ________.
Paulo CamposCorazon AquinoManilaDe La Salle University

Question 6: Iodized poppyseed oil (oil with ________ added) has several kinds of pharmaceutical uses.

Question 7: As a carrier, it is under investigation in conjunction with a lipophilic compound of ________,[24] and in conjunction with a complex derivative of neocarzinostatin.

Question 8: [3] Sterols in poppyseed oil consist almost entirely of ________, stigmasterol, sitosterol and delta 5-avenasterol.

Question 9: [25] It also is being investigated as a ________ against hepatocellular carcinoma, by being loaded with an isotope of iodine, iodine-131.
Nuclear fusionX-rayIonizing radiationRadiation therapy

Question 10: [18][19] Injected ________ of epirubicin in lipiodol popular, but greater stability needed.
ColloidCream (pharmaceutical)Dosage formEmulsion

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