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Question 1: The use of the word poppet to describe a valve comes from the same word applied to ________, which – like the poppet valve – move bodily in response to remote motion transmitted linearly.
Thunderbirds (TV series)MarionettePuppetryPuppet

Question 2: In most such designs the camshaft remained relatively near the crankshaft and the valves were operated through ________ and rocker arms.
Manifold (automotive)Overhead valveIgnition systemEngine displacement

Question 3: Presta and Schrader valves used on air-filled ________ are examples of poppet valves.
AutomobileAirbagTireParking brake

Question 4: Although better heat conductors, aluminum cylinder heads require steel valve seat inserts while ________ cylinder heads often used integral valve seats in the past.
Carbon steelCast ironAlloy steelWrought iron

Question 5: ________ was not what it is today, and the rapid opening and closing of the valves against the cylinder heads led to rapid wear.
MiningMaterials scienceMetallurgyArchaeology

Question 6: ________ used poppet valves in their steam wagons and steam locomotives.
Sentinel Waggon WorksKent and East Sussex RailwayLNER Class Y1Thomas Hill (Rotherham) Ltd

Question 7: Adding tetra-ethyl lead to the ________ reduced this problem to some degree as the lead would coat the valve seats, in effect lubricating the metal.
Internal combustion engineDiesel fuelFilling stationGasoline

Question 8: A poppet valve is a ________ consisting of a hole, usually round or oval, and a tapered plug, usually a disk shape on the end of a shaft also called a valve stem.
EngineValveDiesel engineInternal combustion engine

Question 9: Poppet valves are used in many industrial process from controlling the flow of rocket fuel to controlling the flow of ________.

Question 10: ________
LMS Fowler Class 3FLMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0LMS Stanier Class 8FLMS Jubilee Class

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