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Question 1: [1] Most evidence suggesting Poppaea's Pompeian origins comes from 20th century excavations of the town, destroyed in the AD 79 eruption of ________.
VolcanoMount EtnaMount VesuviusMount Rainier

Question 2: Titus Ollius was from Picenum (modern Marche and ________, Italy) and he was an unknown minor character in Imperial politics.

Question 3: For instance, legal documents found during excavations in nearby ________ described her as being the owner of a brick- or tile-work business in the Pompeii area.

Question 4: He reports that Poppaea married Otho to get close to ________ and then, in turn, became Nero's favorite mistress.

Question 5: Ollius' friendship with the Imperial palace guardsman ________ ruined him, before gaining public office.

Question 6: The Gothic metal band ________ wrote a song titled 'Poppæa', inspired by her story on their myth-based album Aégis.
Assembly (album)Liv KristineTheatre of TragedyVelvet Darkness They Fear

Question 7: According to ________, she divorced her husband Otho in 58 and focused her attentions solely on becoming empress of Rome.
Roman EmpireVespasianTacitusDomitian

Question 8: From 15 until his death, he served as Imperial Proconsul (or Governor) of ________ and in other provinces.

Question 9: Titus Ollius was a quaestor in the reign of the Roman Emperor ________.

Question 10: In 47, she committed suicide as an innocent victim of the intrigues of the Roman Empress ________.
Valeria MessalinaClaudiusAgrippina the YoungerNero

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