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Question 1: About 120 colonists left ________ on May 31, 1607 in two ships.

Question 2: The first ship built by the English in the New World was completed during the year of the Popham Colony and was sailed back across the ________ to England.
Arctic OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanPacific Ocean

Question 3: On October 8, 1607, colonist John Hunt drew a map of the colony showing 18 buildings including the admiral's house, a ________, a storehouse, a cooperage, and a guardhouse.
ChapelCatholic ChurchAltarPalermo

Question 4: At the time, the name "Virginia" applied to the entire northeast coast of North America from Spanish Florida to New France in modern-day ________.
BarbadosCanadaUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 5: The tiny Virginia survived a massive three day storm en route which was thought to have been a hurricane and which wrecked the mission's large new flagship Sea Venture on ________.
Cayman IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsAnguillaBermuda

Question 6: The Popham Colony was the first English colony in the region that would eventually become known as ________.
Midwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesNew EnglandNortheastern United States

Question 7: The first Plymouth Company ship, Richard, sailed in August 1606 but the Spanish intercepted and captured it near ________ in November.
New JerseyFloridaNorth CarolinaMassachusetts

Question 8: George Popham was the nephew of one of the financial backers of the colony, Sir John Popham, the ________ of England, while Gilbert was the half nephew of Sir Walter Raleigh.
Judges' CouncilCourts of England and WalesJudicial Committee of the Privy CouncilLord Chief Justice of England and Wales

Question 9: They intended to trade ________, spices, furs, and show that the local forests could be used to build English ships.
GoldSilverPrecious metalPalladium

Question 10: The Plymouth Company was granted a royal charter and the rights to the coast between 38° to 45° N; the rival ________ was granted the coast between 34° and 41° N.
London CompanyJohn Smith (explorer)Sea VentureBermuda

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