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Popeye and Son: Quiz


Question 1: Executive Producers: William Hanna, ________ and Bruce L.
Joseph BarberaTom and JerryHanna-BarberaWarner Bros.

Question 2: ________ supplied the voice of Popeye in this series, succeeding Jack Mercer in that role.
Frank WelkerTress MacNeilleMaurice LaMarchePhil Hartman

Question 3: ________ - Olive Oyl/Lizzie/Puggy/Woody (1988)
Julie KavnerNancy CartwrightBart SimpsonThe Simpsons

Question 4: ________ and his long-time girlfriend, Olive Oyl are married and have a son named Popeye Junior.
E. C. SegarBud SagendorfBobby LondonPopeye

Question 5: "Junior" has inherited Popeye's ability to gain superhuman strength from eating ________; however, Junior hates the taste of spinach, much to his father's disappointment.
SpinachBrussels sproutBroccoliAmaranth

Question 6: Popeye and Son at the ________
CDNOWInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office

Question 7: Popeye and Son is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and King Features Entertainment, and aired for one season and thirteen episodes on ________.
CBSAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNBCThe CW Television Network

Question 8: Popeye's rival ________ has a wife of his own and they also have a son named Tank.
Popeye (film)Olive OylBlutoPopeye the Sailor (1960s TV series)


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