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Question 1: Felice Peretti was born at Grottammare, in the ________, son of Piergentile di Giacomo, nicknamed "Peretto", and Marianna da Frontillo.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPapal StatesPope Gregory I

Question 2: The situation in which he found himself was embarrassing: he could not countenance the designs of heretical princes, and yet he mistrusted ________ (1556-1598) and viewed with apprehension any extension of his power.
Philip IV of SpainCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorPhilip III of SpainPhilip II of Spain

Question 3: The changes wrought by Sixtus V on the streetscape of Rome were documented in the film, "Rome: Impact of an Idea", featuring ________ and based on sections of his book Design of Cities.
Edmund Bacon (architect)Center City, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaSouth Street (Philadelphia)

Question 4: At an early age he entered a ________ monastery at Montalto and was known as Felice di Montalto.
CarmelitesFranciscanDominican OrderCatholic religious order

Question 5: Pope Sixtus V (13 December, 1520 – 27 August, 1590), born Felice Peretti di Montalto, was ________ from 1585 to 1590.
Catholic ChurchPopePope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 6: In his larger political relations, Sixtus V entertained fantastic ambitions, such as the annihilation of the Turks, the conquest of ________, the transporting of the Holy Sepulchre to Italy, and the accession of his nephew to the throne of France.

Question 7: In 1589 was begun a revision of the ________, the so-called Editio Sixtina.
Pope Gregory IChristian monasticismCatholic ChurchVulgate

Question 8: His father was a ________ and it is said of Felice that, when a boy, he was a swineherd.
Garden designPlantGardeningAgriculture

Question 9: On his death bed his subjects loathed Sixtus V, but history has recognised him as one of the great figures of the ________.
Counter-ReformationCrusadesEast–West SchismFirst seven Ecumenical Councils

Question 10: Sixtus V excommunicated ________ (future Henry IV of France), and contributed to the Catholic League, but he chafed under his forced alliance with Philip II, and looked for escape.
Louis XIV of FranceHouse of BourbonLouis XIII of FranceHenry IV of France


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