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Pope Silverius: Quiz


Question 1: On December 9 536, the Byzantine general ________ entered Rome, with the approval of Pope Silverius.
Justinian IGothic War (535–554)Byzantine EmpireBelisarius

Question 2: Pope Saint Silverius was ________ from June 8 536 until March 537.
Catholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPopePope John Paul II

Question 3: He opposed the restoration of the monophysite heretic, former patriarch of Constantinople Anthimus, whom Agapetus had deposed, and thus brought upon himself the hatred of ________ Theodora.
MonarchByzantine EmpirePrinceEmperor

Question 4: He was deposed accordingly by Belisarius in March 537 on a charge of treasonable correspondence with the ________, and degraded to the rank of a simple monk.
Wielbark cultureGothsVandalsGermanic peoples


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