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Question 1: Sergius I was consecrated on December 15, 687, ending the last disputed sede vacante of the ________.
PopePope Sergius IPope Gregory IByzantine Papacy

Question 2: Enraged, Emperor ________ dispatched his magistrianus, also named Sergius, to Rome to arrest bishop John of Portus, the chief papal legate to the Third Council of Constantinople and Boniface, the papal counselor.
Philippikos BardanesConstantine IVBasil IJustinian II

Question 3: [8] Sergius I himself composed a litany in Greek (extant in the Athelstan Psalter to be recited on the ________.
ItalyGermanyHungaryAll Saints

Question 4: [1] A fellow Sicilian Pope Leo II ordained him cardinal-priest of ________ on June 27, 683 and he rose through the ranks of the clergy.
Pope Benedict XVSanta SusannaPope CaiusPope Sixtus V

Question 5: Peter's atrium that depicted the ________; the depiction of Christ as lamb had been prohibited by the Council.
Jan van EyckAnnunciation (van Eyck, Washington)MadridArnolfini Portrait

Question 6: Pope Saint Sergius I (died September 8, 701) was ________ from 687–701.
Catholic ChurchPopePope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVI

Question 7: Sergius founded the diaconie of S. Maria in Via Lata, on the Corso from the Porta Flaminia to ________, encompassing a quarter of the city which developed in the eighth century.
Palazzo Farnese, RomeRomeCapitoline HillQuirinal Hill

Question 8: On April 10, 689, Sergius I baptised King ________ in Rome.
Egbert of WessexAlfred the GreatIne of WessexCædwalla of Wessex

Question 9: Selected to end a schism between Antipope Paschal and Antipope Theodore, Sergius I ended the last disputed sede vacante of the ________.
Pope ConstantinePope Gregory IByzantine PapacyPope Sergius I

Question 10: He also ordained Saint Willibrord as bishop of the Frisians, and the Liber Pontificalis states he also ordained Berhtwald as ________.
Rowan WilliamsArchbishop of CanterburyThomas CranmerChurch of England

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