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Pope Pontian: Quiz


Question 1: Pope Saint Pontian or Pontianus, was ________ from 21 July 230 to 29 September 235.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVI

Question 2: It is unknown how long he lived in exile: according to ________ he died due to the inhuman treatment he received in the Sardinian mines.
Pope Adrian IIPopeLiber PontificalisPope Damasus I

Question 3: His feast day was 19 November, but he is now celebrated jointly with his erstwhile adversary and rival, ________, on 13 August.
Antipope NovatianAnastasius BibliothecariusHippolytus of RomeAntipope

Question 4: Pontian and other church leaders, among them Hippolytus, were exiled by the emperor ________ to Sardinia, and in consequence of this sentence he resigned on 25 September or 28 September 235.
DiocletianMaximinus I (Thrax)Constantine IMarcus Aurelius


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