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Pope Pius II: Quiz


Question 1: Pius II, "whose character reflects almost every tendency of the age in which he lived", was born at ________ in the Sienese territory of a noble but decayed family.
FerraraSan GimignanoPienzaAssisi

Question 2: After allying himself with Ferdinand, the Aragonese claimant to the throne of Naples, his next important act was to convene a congress of the representatives of Christian princes at ________ for joint action against the Turks.

Question 3: He achieved temporarily the bishopric of ________ (Ermeland).
WarmiaTeutonic KnightsEast PrussiaOld Prussians

Question 4: Being sent on a mission to Rome in 1445, with the ostensible object of inducing Eugenius to convoke a new council, he was absolved from ecclesiastical censures, and returned to ________ under an engagement to assist the Pope.

Question 5: He expired two days afterwards, August 14, 1464, and was succeeded by ________ (1464–71).
Pope Benedict XVIPope Pius IXPope Paul IIPope Alexander VI

Question 6: He also composed some ________, one of which alone is extant.
ComedyDramaSatireComedy (drama)

Question 7: [1] This conflict at its peak involved the Wallachians trying to assassinate the Sultan (see ________).
Vlad III the ImpalerMehmed IIBucharestThe Night Attack

Question 8: Pius II succeeded in reconciling the Emperor and the King of Hungary, and derived great encouragement as well as pecuniary advantage from the discovery of mines of ________ in the papal territory at Tolfa.

Question 9: Capranica was protesting against the new ________'s (1431–1447) refusing him the cardinalate for which he had been designated by Pope Martin V (1417–1431).
Pope Sixtus IVPope Alexander VIPope Nicholas VPope Eugene IV

Question 10: Pius II was unaware he was nearing his end, and his malady probably prompted the feverish impatience with which on June 18, 1464, he assumed the cross and departed for ________ to conduct the crusade in person.


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