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Pope Pelagius I: Quiz


Question 1: Totila sent Pelagius to Constantinople in order to arrange a peace with Justinian I, but the emperor sent him back to say that his general ________ was in command in Italy.
Gothic War (535–554)Byzantine EmpireOstrogothic KingdomBelisarius

Question 2: This damaged the papacy's reputation in northern Italy, ________, and elsewhere in Western Europe, and his successors over the next 50 years spent much effort undoing the damage.
GaulsCeltsLa Tène cultureGaul

Question 3: His father, John, seems to have been vicar of one of the two civil "dioceses", or districts, into which ________ was then divided.

Question 4: Pope Pelagius I was ________ from 556 to March 4, 561.
Pope John Paul IIPopePope Benedict XVICatholic Church

Question 5: Pelagius accompanied Pope Agapetus I to ________, and was appointed by him nuncio of the Roman Church to that city.
Byzantine navyHagia SophiaConstantinopleByzantine Empire

Question 6: Totila, King of the ________, had begun to blockade the city.
Wielbark cultureVandalsGothsGermanic peoples

Question 7: When Pope Vigilius went to Constantinople on the orders of Emperor ________, Pelagius stayed in Rome as the pope's representative.
BasiliscusConstantine IManuel I KomnenosJustinian I

Question 8: He was the second pope of the ________, like his predecessor a former apocrisiarius to Constantinople.
Pope Sergius IPope Gregory IByzantine PapacyPope Constantine

Question 9: Traditionally he is credited with the building of the Santi Apostoli in Rome, ordered to celebrate the complete victory of Narses over the ________.
Ostrogothic KingdomByzantine EmpireVisigothsOstrogoths


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