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Pope Marcellus I: Quiz


Question 1: This article incorporates text from the public-domain ________ of 1913.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIUnited StatesCatholic Encyclopedia

Question 2: Nevertheless, nearly two years passed before a new ________ was elected.
Pope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchHistory of the Catholic ChurchPope

Question 3: For some time after the death of Marcellinus in 304 the ________ persecution continued with unabated severity.
MaximianDiocletianGaleriusConstantine I

Question 4: After the ________ of Diocletian in 305, and the accession in Rome of Maxentius to the throne of the Caesars in October of the following year, the Christians of the capital again enjoyed comparative peace.
RegentAbdicationCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorCoronation

Question 5: Under ________ he was banished from Rome in 309 on account of the tumult caused by the severity of the penances he had imposed on Christians who had lapsed under the recent persecution.
DiocletianMaxentiusConstantine IMaximian


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