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Question 1: Leo held three ________, one of them in 850 which was distinguished by the presence of Louis II, but the other two were of little importance.

Question 2: The Saracens were besieging ________ which lead to Leo's ordering that the walls of the city be restored and strengthened between 848 and 849.

Question 3: A medieval tradition claimed that a woman, ________, succeeded him, disguising herself as a man; Joan is generally believed to be fictitious.
Pope JoanPope ZacharyPope Sixtus IVPope Paschal II

Question 4: The history of the papal struggle with ________, which began during Leo's pontificate, belongs rather to that of Nicholas I.
HincmarPatrologia LatinaGottschalk of OrbaisLothair II of Lotharingia

Question 5: The subsequent Battle of Ostia was one of the most famous in Middle Ages Papacy history, and is celebrated in a famous fresco by ________ and his pupils in his Rooms of the Vatican Palace in the Vatican City.
The Deposition (Raphael)Baronci AltarpieceRaphaelTransfiguration (Raphael)

Question 6: Pope Saint Leo IV was ________ from 10 April 847 to 17 July 855.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPopePope Benedict XVI

Question 7: When the Muslims approached Portus, he summoned the Repubbliche Marinare or mariner cities of Italy: Naples, Gaeta and ________ to form a league.
Altavilla SilentinaNocera InferioreSalernoAmalfi

Question 8: When he was elected, on 10 April 847, he was cardinal of ________, and had been subdeacon of Gregory IV and archpriest under his predecessor.
Pope Innocent IVPope MiltiadesSanti Quattro CoronatiPope Benedict XV

Question 9: His pontificate was chiefly distinguished by his efforts to repair the damage done by the ________ during the reign of his predecessor to various churches of the city, especially those of St Peter and St Paul.
SaracenByzantine EmpireArab peopleRoman Empire


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