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Pope John XXI: Quiz


Question 1: The Pope had a new wing added to his palace at ________; it was poorly built, and while he lay sleeping part of the roof fell in and he was seriously injured.
BleraSan Lorenzo NuovoViterboVetralla

Question 2: In ________ Dante sees John XXI (referred to as "Pietro Spano") in the Heaven of the Sun with the other spirits of great religious scholars.
Divine ComedyDante AlighieriInferno (Dante)Purgatorio

Question 3: He was the only Portuguese Pope, although ________ can also be considered Portuguese, as he was born in territory that is nowadays in Portugal, and Paul IV also had a Portuguese maternal grandmother.
Pope Benedict XVIPope Damasus ICatholic ChurchPope Gregory I

Question 4: Wherever he studied, he concentrated on medicine, theology, and ________'s dialectic, logic, physics and metaphysics.
AristotlePlatoEmpiricismBertrand Russell

Question 5: In the courts of Guimarães he was the councilor and spokesman of the king ________ (1248–79) in church matters; later, becoming prior of Guimarães.
Denis of PortugalSancho II of PortugalAfonso III of PortugalAfonso II of Portugal

Question 6: He started his studies at the episcopal school of Lisbon Cathedral, and later joined the University of Paris, although some historians claim that he was educated at ________.
PézenasMarseillan, HéraultMontpellierBéziers

Question 7: Pedro Julião, born between 1210 and 1220, was probably born in ________.

Question 8: A notable philosopher, he was also the responsible for the creation of the ________.
Term logicSyllogismPropositionSquare of opposition


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