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Pope John XV: Quiz


Question 1: John XV (born in Rome), ________ from 985 to 996, succeeding Boniface VII (974, 984–985).
Catholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope

Question 2: Charles thereupon succeeded in capturing ________ and took the archbishop prisoner.
Châlons-en-ChampagneÉpernayReimsAy, Marne

Question 3: As for Gerbert, he set out for the imperial court at ________, and became the preceptor to Emperor Otto III.
MagdeburgHalle, Saxony-AnhaltBremenErfurt

Question 4: John XV summoned the French bishops to hold an independent synod outside the King's realm, at ________, to reconsider the case.

Question 5: This affair is sometimes read as an early groundswell of the conflicts between Popes and the new Kings of France that came to a head later in the ________, so it is worth relating in some detail.
Avignon PapacyInvestiture ControversyEast–West SchismCrusades


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