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Pope John Paul I: Quiz


Question 1: Robert Littell's 2002 book The Company also portrays John Paul I's death as a ________-directed assassination.
Iron CurtainKGBBerlin WallEastern Bloc

Question 2: Outside the Italians, who were experiencing dimished influence within the increasingly internationalist ________, were figures like Karol Cardinal Wojtyła.
Roman CuriaVatican CityCollege of CardinalsPope Benedict XVI

Question 3: On 8 June 2003 the ________ gave its assent to the work.
Roman CuriaCongregation for the Causes of SaintsPope Benedict XVIPapal conclave

Question 4:
Where was Pope John Paul I born?

Question 5:
When did Pope John Paul I's term start?

Question 6: Visitors spoke of his isolation and loneliness, and the fact that he was the first pope in decades not to have had either a diplomatic role (like Pius XI and John XXIII) or Curial role (like Pius XII and ________) in the Church.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope John Paul IPope Paul VI

Question 7:
Who was the successor of Pope John Paul I?

Question 8:
What was Pope John Paul I's birth name?
Jencarlos Canela
Albino Luciani
Ramel Gill
Richard Barre

Question 9: On 26 August 2002, Bishop Vincenzo Savio announced the start of the preliminary phase to collect documents and testimonies necessary to start the process of ________.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPopeCanonization

Question 10:
Where did Pope John Paul I die?

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