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Pope John II: Quiz


Question 1: He was the son of a certain Projectus, born in Rome and a priest of the ________ on the Caelian Hill.
Santa SabinaBasilica di San ClementeSanta Maria degli Angeli e dei MartiriSt. Peter's Basilica

Question 2: John remained on good terms with Athalaric, who, being of the ________ Christianity, was content to refer to John's tribunal all actions brought against the Roman clergy.
Gothic ChristianityArianismGermanic ChristianityFranks

Question 3: Pope John II (born Mercurius) was ________ from 533 to 535.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPope

Question 4: During the ________ of over two months, "shameless trafficking in sacred things was indulged in.
PopeSede vacantePope John Paul IICatholic Church hierarchy

Question 5: He was the first pope to adopt a new name (________) upon elevation to the papacy, as his theophoric birth name honoured the Roman god Mercury.
Pope John XXIIIPope Benedict XVIPapal nameRegnal name

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