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Pope John I: Quiz


Question 1: He was a native of ________ or the Castello di Serena, near Chiusdino, and was very old and frail by the time he was elected to the papacy.
SienaSan GimignanoPienzaItaly

Question 2: His body was transported to Rome and buried in the ________.
Catholic ChurchPopeSt. Peter's BasilicaHoly See

Question 3: John I is depicted in art as looking through the bars of a prison or imprisoned with a ________ and a subdeacon.
BishopDeaconStole (vestment)Priest

Question 4: Despite his protests, he was sent by the ________ King Theodoric the Great of the Ostrogoths to Constantinople to secure a moderation of Emperor Justin's decree of 523 against the Arians.
Germanic ChristianityFranksArianismGothic Christianity

Question 5: Pope Saint John I was ________ from 523 to 526.
PopePope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IICatholic Church


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