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Question 1: His Constitution against magicians and witches (Omnipotentis Dei, 20 March, 1623) was the last papal ordinance against ________.
Witch-cult hypothesisContemporary witchcraftStregheriaWitchcraft

Question 2: His pontificate was marked by the canonisation of Teresa of Avila, ________, Ignatius Loyola, Philip Neri, and Isidore the Farmer.
Pope John Paul IIFrancis XavierRobert BellarminePierre Teilhard de Chardin

Question 3: He also beatified ________ and Peter of Alcantara.
Aloysius GonzagaFrancis XavierEdmund CampionRobert Bellarmine

Question 4: Educated at the ________ of the Jesuits in Rome, he went to the University of Bologna to get degrees in canon and Roman law, June 1575.
Pontifical Lateran UniversityPontifical Gregorian UniversityPope Benedict XVIPontifical Urbaniana University

Question 5: A second nephew, Niccolò, was made reigning prince of Piombino and Lord of the Isola d'________ in 1634, having married the heiress, 30 March 1632.

Question 6: He sat for his portrait bust both to Gian Lorenzo Bernini and to ________, whose restrained bust in a tondo is in the church of Santa Maria in Vallicella.
Alessandro AlgardiSt. Peter's BasilicaPope Urban VIIIPope Innocent X

Question 7: In September 1616 Paul created him ________ of Santa Maria in Traspontina.
Catholic Church hierarchyPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVICardinal (Catholicism)

Question 8: He was born in ________ to Count Pompeo Ludovisi and Camilla Bianchini, one of seven children.


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