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Pope Gregory VIII: Quiz


Question 1: Alexander also sent him to England to investigate the murder of ________, and he absolved King Henry II of the murder during the Council of Avranches.
Reginald Fitz JocelinThomas BecketHubert WalterThomas Cranmer

Question 2: In response to the defeat of the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem at the ________, Gregory issued the papal bull Audita tremendi, calling for the Third Crusade.
Battle of CressonBattle of HattinSiege of Jerusalem (1187)Balian of Ibelin

Question 3: 1100/1105, ________, Italy–December 17, 1187, Pisa, Italy), born Alberto di Morra, was Pope from October 25, 1187 until his death.

Question 4: On the way to Pisa, he stopped at ________ and ordered Antipope Victor IV's body to be removed from his tomb and his remains thrown out of the church.

Question 5: Alberto di Morra was born about 1110 in ________, Italy.

Question 6: In 1156, ________ made him cardinal-deacon of Sant'adriano, and on on March 14, 1158 he became cardinal-priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina.
Pope Adrian IVPope Innocent IIPope Honorius IVPope Alexander IV

Question 7: [1] He later became a professor of canon law in ________.

Question 8: He became a monk early in life, either as a ________ in Laon, or a Benedictine at Monte Cassino.
TrappistsCisterciansCatholic religious orderCarthusian

Question 9: Alberto later joined a new religious order, the ________ or Norbertine order, probably between the ages of 20-30.
TrappistsPremonstratensianDominican OrderCarthusian


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