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Question 1: As early as 872 he was a candidate for the papacy, but due to political complications he left ________ and the court of Pope John VIII that year.

Question 2: Formosus persuaded ________ to advance to Rome, invade the Italian peninsula, and take control of Italy.
Henry IV, Holy Roman EmperorArnulf of CarinthiaCharles the FatHenry III, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 3: There was a quarrel between the Archbishops of ________ and Hamburg concerning the Bishopric of Bremen.

Question 4: Further trials of this nature against deceased persons were banned, but ________ (904–911) reapproved the decisions against Formosus.
Pope Sergius IIIPope John XIPope FormosusPope Pius X

Question 5: His brief reign as Pope was troubled, and his remains were exhumed and put on trial in the notorious ________.
Pope Stephen VIPope FormosusCadaver SynodPope Sergius III

Question 6: He undertook diplomatic missions to Bulgaria (866) and France (869 and 872), and he persuaded ________, King of France, to be crowned by the Pope.
CharlemagneCharles the BaldLouis the PiousCharles the Fat

Question 7: Other immediate issues were that in Constantinople, the Patriarch Photius had been ejected and Stephen, the son of Emperor ________, had taken the office.
Basil ILeo VI the WiseManuel I KomnenosMichael III

Question 8: Born at Ostia, he became ________ of Portus in 864.
Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IICardinal (Catholicism)Catholic Church hierarchy

Question 9: 816 - 896) was ________ of the Roman Catholic Church from 891 to 896.
PopePope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPope Gregory I

Question 10: In 883 John's successor, Pope Marinus I, restored Formosus to his suburbicarian ________.
Bishop of OstiaBartolomeo PaccaRoman Catholic Suburbicarian Diocese of Porto-Santa RufinaGian Francesco Albani

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