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Question 1: His protests against the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges were ineffectual, but by means of the Concordat of the Princes, negotiated by Piccolomini with the electors in February, 1447, the whole of ________ declared against the antipope.

Question 2: Traditional papal enemies such as the Prefetti di Vico were destroyed, while the Colonna were reduced to obedience after the destruction of their stronghold in ________ (August, 1436).

Question 3: This situation led also to establishment of an insurrectionary ________ at Rome, controlled by the Colonna family.
DemocracyRepublicConstitutional monarchyMonarchy

Question 4: He made himself useful to ________ (1417–31) and was quickly elected to succeed him.
Pope Eugene IVPope Gregory XIIPope Clement VIIPope Martin V

Question 5: In 1442 Eugene, Alfonso and Visconti sent Niccolò Piccinino to reconquer the March of ________ from Francesco Sforza, but the defeat of the allied army at the Montolmo pushed the Pope to reconcile with Sforza.

Question 6: But by far the most important feature of Eugene IV's pontificate was the great struggle between the Pope and the Council of Basel (1431–39), the final embodiment of the ________.
ConciliarismCatholic ChurchPope John XXIIPope Clement VII

Question 7: The council refused to dissolve; instead they renewed the resolutions by which the ________ had declared a council superior to the Pope, and cited Eugene IV to appear at Basel.
Papal conclave, 1431Council of ConstancePapal conclave, 1378Papal conclave, 1406

Question 8: The Pope's recognition of the claim to Naples of King ________ (treaty of Terracina, signed by Eugene at Siena somewhat later) withdrew the last important support from the council of Basel.
Ferdinand II of AragonAlfonso V of AragonCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorJohn II of Aragon

Question 9: The Pope moved to ________ in April of 1436.

Question 10: Therefore, the issue was not pressed, and he resigned the appointment, becoming instead his uncle's papal treasurer, protonotary and ________ of San Clemente.
Catholic Church hierarchyPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IICardinal (Catholicism)


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