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Pope Eugene II: Quiz


Question 1: The election of Eugene II was a triumph for the ________, and they subsequently resolved to improve their position.
Germanic peoplesFranksSaxonsLombards

Question 2: The Roman nobles who had been banished during the preceding reign, and who had fled to ________, were recalled, and their property was restored to them.
ItalyUnited KingdomFranceCanada

Question 3: The late pope had attempted to curb the rapidly increasing power of the Roman nobility, who, to strengthen their positions against him, had turned for support to the ________.
LombardsFranksGermanic peoplesSaxons

Question 4: The leave was granted, but the bishops who met at ________ in 825 were incompetent for their work.
MarseilleÉvry, EssonneVersaillesParis

Question 5: Their candidate is stated, in earlier editions of the ________ to have been the son of Boemund; but in the recent and better editions his father's name is not given.
Pope Adrian IIPopePope Damasus ILiber Pontificalis

Question 6: Eugene II, (in ________: Eugenius II), pope (824-827) was a native of Rome and was chosen to succeed Paschal I.
LatinRoman EmpireOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 7: Another candidate, Zinzinnus, was proposed by the plebeian faction, and the presence of Lothar, son of the Frankish emperor ________ was necessary in order to maintain the authority of the new pope.
Charles the FatCharlemagneLouis the PiousCharles the Bald

Question 8: Eugene is described by his biographer as simple and humble, learned and eloquent, handsome and generous, a lover of peace, and wholly occupied with the thought of doing what was pleasing to ________.


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