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Pope Donus: Quiz


Question 1: During the reign of Donus, a colony of ________ monks was discovered in a Syrian monastery at Rome — the Monasterium Boetianum.
ChristologyTrinityBiblical canonNestorianism

Question 2: Pope Donus was ________ from November 2 676 to April 11 678.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVI

Question 3: Peter's with great blocks of white marble, and restored other churches of ________, notably the church of St.

Question 4: Relations with ________ at the time of Donus' reign tended towards the conciliatory.
Byzantine EmpireConstantinopleHagia SophiaByzantine navy

Question 5: During the pontificate of Donus, Reparatus, the ________ of Ravenna, returned to the obedience of the Holy See, thus ending the schism created by Archbishop Maurus who had aimed at making Ravenna autocephalous.
Pope John Paul IIBishop (Catholic Church)ArchbishopCatholic Church hierarchy


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