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Pope Dionysius: Quiz


Question 1: ________, who had led the persecution, was captured and killed by the King of Persia in 260.
DiocletianGallienusValerian (emperor)Constantine I

Question 2: In art, he is portrayed in ________, along with a book.
Catholic ChurchPopePapal regalia and insigniaPapal Mass

Question 3: Pope Dionysius sent large sums of money to the churches of ________, which had been devastated by the marauding Goths, to rebuild and to ransom those held captive.

Question 4: He brought order to the Church and procured a peace after Emperor ________ issued an edict of toleration which was to last until 303.

Question 5: Pope Saint Dionysius was ________ from July 22, 259 to December 26, 268.
Pope John Paul IIPopePope Benedict XVICatholic Church

Question 6: On the protest of some of the faithful at Alexandria, he demanded from the bishop of Alexandria, also called Dionysius, explanations concerning his doctrine regarding the relation of God to the ________, which was satisfied.
DemiurgeTrinityChristian apologeticsLogos

Question 7: The new emperor, ________, issued an edict of toleration, bringing the persecution of Christians to an end and giving the Church legal status.


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