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Pope Damasus I: Quiz


Question 1: Invited there originally to a synod of 382 convened to end the schism of ________, he made himself indispensable to the pope, and took a prominent place in his councils.

Question 2: He supported the appeal of the Christian senators to Emperor ________ for the removal of the altar of Victory from the Senate House (Ambrose, Ep.
Valentinian IConstantine IGratianValentinian II

Question 3: A group of Damasus' supporters, previously loyal to the Antipope Felix II, attacked and killed rivals loyal to Liberius' deacon Ursinus, in a riot that required the intervention of Emperor ________ to quell.
Julian the ApostateValentinian IConstantius IIGratian

Question 4: Basil of Caesarea, sought earnestly the aid and encouragement of Damasus against an apparently triumphant ________; Damasus, however, harbored some degree of suspicion against the great Cappadocian Doctor of the Church.
ArianismFranksGermanic ChristianityGothic Christianity

Question 5: All this made it more socially acceptable for the upper classes to convert to ________.
BaptistEcumenismChristianityChristian denomination

Question 6: In two Roman synods (368 and 369) he condemned Apollinarianism and Macedonianism, and sent legates to the ________ that was convoked in 381 to address these heresies.
Council of ChalcedonFirst Council of ConstantinopleHistory of ChristianityFirst Council of Nicaea

Question 7: ________ writes, "The enemies of Damasus styled him Auriscalpius Matronarum, the ladies' ear-scratcher."[5]
DeismDavid HumeEdmund BurkeEdward Gibbon

Question 8: Pope Saint Damasus I was ________ from 366 to 384.
Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope

Question 9: Damasus appointed Church historian ________ as his confidential secretary.
IrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrastedJeromeJustin Martyr

Question 10: During his papacy, Peter II was obliged for a while to seek refuge in ________ from the persecuting Arians.


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