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Pope Clement XII: Quiz


Question 1: He restored the ________ and built the governmental palace of the Consulta on the Quirinal.
Marcus AureliusArch of ConstantineMaxentiusConstantine I

Question 2: He canonized ________ and proceeded with vigour against the French Jansenists.
Catholic ChurchLouise de MarillacVincent de PaulCanonization

Question 3: He was created ________ of Santa Susanna in 1706.
Cardinal (Catholicism)Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVICatholic Church hierarchy

Question 4: He began the triumphant Baroque ________, one of the noted ornaments of Rome.
St. Peter's BasilicaQuirinal HillTrevi FountainPantheon, Rome

Question 5: He did much to develop schooling in Ottoman Albania as well, as his mother was from Albanian origins and his forefathers were soldiers under the command of ________'s army.
RomeOttoman EmpireGjergj Arianit KomneniSkanderbeg

Question 6: Pope Clement XII's tomb is in the Capella Corsini of the ________ and was completed by the sculptors Maini and Monaldi.
Basilica of St. John LateranRomeSt. Peter's BasilicaBasilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Question 7: Under his reign a port was built at ________, with a highway that gave easy access to the interior.

Question 8: Corsini was a lawyer, with a degree from the ________, who had practiced law under the able direction of his uncle, Neri Cardinal Corsini.
University of PisaUniversity of BolognaSapienza University of RomeDuke University

Question 9: Born in ________, the son of Bartolomeo Corsini, Marquis of Casigliano and his wife Isabella Strozzi, sister of the Duke of Bagnuolo, Corsini had been an aristocratic lawyer and financial manager under preceding pontiffs.

Question 10: He campaigned for the reunion of the Roman and Orthodox churches, received the Patriarch of the ________ and persuaded the Armenian Patriarch to remove the anathema against the Council of Chalcedon and Pope Leo I (440–461).
Coptic Orthodox Church of AlexandriaGreek Orthodox Church of JerusalemArmenian Apostolic ChurchCoptic history


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